Do you always take the stairs to avoid the elevator? Are you easily embarrassed and find yourself avoiding situations or people who could put you in contact with something you fear? Have you said “no” to a vacation in Hawaii because you are afraid to get on an airplane?

Untreated fears begin to build on themselves so that what may have started off as one small fear can evolve into a fear of many things.

Working with a hypnotherapist on my own fear of dogs is one of the things that inspired me to learn hypnosis and become a hypnotherapist myself, so I can attest personally to the power of fears and phobias. Fortunately, hypnosis is even more powerful.

Hypnosis is remarkably effective for fear of the following:

  • Dogs
  • Elevators
  • Flying
  • Heights
  • Water
  • Going to the Doctor/Dentist
  • And more

Don’t let fears and phobias limit your life. Contact me to release yourself from the prison of fear and take your life back. Do it today.