Past Life Regression (1 session)

Ever want to know who you were in a past life, or if your family and friends were with you in the past? Ever wonder if the connection you have with your spouse goes beyond just this lifetime? Ever wonder if someone who wronged you in this lifetime also did so in the past? Do you feel like a current problem you are having had its origin in the past?

Whether for fun or for healing, past life regressions are the most interesting and therapeutic sessions I do. During regression sessions, people’s voices, faces and sometimes even their languages change. At the end of the session, regressed people become themselves again while having gained a lot of interesting and often therapeutic information about what makes them themselves.

I record the sessions and sometimes verifiable information is uncovered, allowing you to search for more information after you leave the office.

These sessions are so much fun. I highly recommend them to all. Let me help you learn, “Who I was in a past life.”