Healing Your Relationships

Are You Frustrated in Your Relationships?

  • Do insecurity and low self-esteem make it difficult for you to initiate or maintain relationships?
  • Do you tend to be too controlling – or too passive – in dealing with others?
  • Are you plagued by jealousy or separation anxiety with people you’re close to?
  • Do you have trouble setting healthy boundaries?
  • Are you afraid of intimate relationships altogether?

Relationship issues vary greatly in nature and intensity, but we all have them! If yours limit your ability to connect and bond with others, hypnosis can help...

Our gentle, non-invasive techniques guide you to uncover your fears and internal conflicts regarding intimacy and relationships, and assist you in exploring the roots of these attitudes. Self-discovery followed by reprogramming through hypnosis will allow you to forgive yourself and your past, learn to trust again, and feel confident that you can function healthily in all your relationships, especially intimate ones.

When you work at loving and healing yourself, you’ll find the people around you are healthier and more loving, too. Let’s get started!