Finding the One - Dating & Relationship Support

Does it feel like you keep dating the same not-so-nice person over and over again? Have you gone through an ugly breakup or divorce and find it hard to get out there again? Or are you someone who is very shy and finds it hard to approach a person you find attractive and ask them on a date?

Often people who would make great partners find the dating process so stressful that they fail to get out there and meet people who could be great matches for them.

Dating is hard, no question about it. It is even worse if you have a pattern of dating people who are not good for you. With hypnosis, you can erase your fears and feel comfortable approaching someone, get over a past breakup and feel good dating again, retune your radar so you look past the not-so-nice kind of person you have been dating to someone you can really love, and get past lifelong shyness to find the love of your life.