A Special Word about Adolescents and Teens

The teenage years are indeed critical, as individuals face all kinds of new challenges during their transition from childhood to maturity. Hypnosis therapy is invaluable in helping teenagers successfully address and move past the many stumbling blocks that characterize this phase of life:

Teen Athletes: Whether it’s a football player who has had an injury and now finds it difficult to progress to his full athletic potential, the dancer held back by a fear of embarrassing herself on-stage, or the gymnast who wants to perfect her back walkover on the balance beam, hypnosis can provide the mental clarity and confidence these athletes need to enjoy their sport and improve their performance. Using hypnotherapy to bring out the best in teen athletes also increases their chances of receiving college scholarships.

Fears and Phobias: Teenagers are forced to confront innumerable new issues and situations, as more and more responsibility is demanded from them. Intense fear and phobias often result. Hypnosis can identify and lessen the effect of individual anxiety triggers before they become debilitating, lifelong problems.

Self-Confidence: Insecurity is almost synonymous with adolescence. Hypnosis eases the associated pain and angst by instilling a stronger sense of self-worth and replacing self-defeating attitudes with positive, productive thinking.

Weight Loss: Many teens – especially girls – face eating and body image issues as they struggle with their needs for self-approval and acceptance among their peers. Hypnosis therapy re-trains the teenage mind to reinforce healthy attitudes towards one’s own body, whatever its size or weight. At the same time, hypnosis can promote adoption of more functional and self-caring eating habits.

Study Habits and Test-Taking Skills: Hypnosis can address the stress commonly felt by teens competing for grades, reducing the tension so that more focus goes to learning and performing well than to worrying. Better study habits can also be defined and reinforced through the power of hypnotic suggestion.

Parents are welcome to attend sessions with their teen, and every session is recorded as an MP3 so that skills can be further practiced at home.