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Healthy Habits Hypnosis

I wanted to lose some weight. I went to see her several times, and she helped me with portion control and eating healthier. I started craving fruits and vegetables instead of junk food or fast food. To my amazement, 5 weeks later, I had lost 14 pounds! And in another 3 weeks, I had lost 3 more pounds, so in total, 17 pounds! My target weight was 135 and I am at 134. I am now down 2 dress sizes and can fit into a size small again. Hypnosis really works!
-M. P. San Diego

I started working with Jill for trouble with sleeping (frequent waking up and frequent stressful dreams) and with anxiety. After the hypnosis session I found that my sleep became better, with much more peaceful dreams. And I found that in the daytime that I have been better able to control anxiety in my life.
-C. R. Del Mar