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Bad Debt

Bad Debt One day over lunch the accountant at a company I worked for said she spent the morning writing off bad debt. “What exactly does that mean,” I asked. “Well, for taxes it means we had a loss, but for day to day purposes, it means a group of people owe us, and after many attempts to try and...

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Celebrate Your True Self

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Jill with a GoatCelebrate Your True Self

One of the privileges of my profession is the opportunity to talk to people about feelings and problems in their lives on a deeper, more authentic level than the way most people normally relate to one another, even their friends. In general, people rarely open up about their goals, fears, and other parts of their inner world. I think this is sad because, quite frankly, that’s the best part of a person! For example, when I’m on Facebook and read the five things people list as “interests” on their profile, I’m far more curious to learn why those things are important to them, how those interests make them feel, and the story behind them.

True Disclosure – Over the years, I’ve had many members of Alcoholics Anonymous as clients, and all have told me that what they like best about going to their AA meetings is listening to other people share on a gut level about themselves, “warts” and all, and their sometimes-harrowing life experiences. Finding out that others have had similar feelings and humiliating incidents helps members to be less judgmental and more compassionate with themselves and the people around them.

True Purpose – One technique I use in my practice is past life regression, during which I guide clients into a deep trance state where it is possible to explore the actual purpose of their soul beyond present time and space. This is an amazing experience, as you can imagine, and through it, clients become aware of their own vital importance by discovering the special and particular reason they exist!

Truly Who We Are – Wouldn’t it be astounding if more of us tried to drop the mask we usually wear—you know, that all-important “impression management” façade—and were more authentically ourselves? Think how much easier it would be to get along with others. If only we could see that the image we put so much effort into projecting could never be more beautiful and interesting than who we really are.

True Love – If you want to find real love, let people see the actual you…the person I am so blessed to talk to during our sessions. You really are all so astonishing when you’re being “real.” Think about the great effort to maintain that acting job of being cool, confident, and together all the time, when inside you know you’re just faking it. It might help you to know that just about every person you think is SOOO confident, feels the same way you do inside. If you don’t believe me, try asking anyone about this (especially after they’ve had a glass or two of wine!), and you’ll see.

So, love yourself enough to let more of your freak flag fly! Even if people don’t “get” you, when all is said and done, the most important thing is that YOU get you.

**Yes, that is truly me with very little makeup, holding a goat cuz it sounded like fun. : )


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Do What you Love

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Do What You Love

“I race only for fun” ~ Peter Sagan

Many of you probably don’t know this, but I am a huge cycling fan. One of my absolute favorite athletes is champion road bicycle racer Peter Sagan, and not only because he wins (a lot!), but because unlike many his competitors, Sagan really looks like he’s having fun doing his sport. This makes him a true pleasure to watch, and a bunch of other spectators seem to agree. Even though there are many more competitive racers, Sagan has one of the largest fan bases among cyclists. The same is true of Jens Voigt, who had a huge following even though he rarely won. After retiring from bicycling, he was able to make a smooth and successful transition to being a beloved commentator.

I use these examples to show that when a person is doing something they really love, the joy it brings them radiates outward and is very magnetic to others. Conversely, people who don’t seem to enjoy what they’re doing give off a vibe that tends to put off those around them.

I see too many people who entered a profession because it paid well and then grew used to earning a lot of money, but who lost their passion for it a long time ago despite still working in that field. It seems to me that this is the case particularly with real estate agents. No offense to this group—I respect the work they do and am friendly with many realtors—but so many I talk to are jaded and unenthusiastic, especially since making money in realty is way harder than it was before the latest recession. A lot of individuals in this job category are really hurting for business right now.

I know some of you are thinking, “I would love to follow my passion, but it doesn’t pay very much. I like to eat and drive a nice car!” Trust me, I totally get that, and it’s the reason I kept my sales job during the day while doing hypnotherapy and intuitive readings at night…for over six years! After I was laid off from my “day job,” hypnotherapy became my priority.

Most passions begin like a seed, which once planted, takes time to grow. Patience is needed, but if you truly love whatever your “thing” is, you will nurture it with your time, attention, and interest. The pleasure you derive from it in turn attracts others, who will appreciate your commitment and excitement. And if your gift can benefit them, they may be willing to pay you to share it!

Play with the idea of “If I could do anything, what would it be?” If you can’t think of a particular profession, consider how you would like to spend the hours in your day—what would you be doing?  Many years ago, I did this, and dreamt of talking to a variety of people, having chunks of time during the day to write, as well as the freedom to take breaks during the week “just because.” This is 100% of what I do now, and I can’t describe how much satisfaction and happiness I have.

Allow yourself time to fantasize…you might come up with some amazing ideas that could even change your life! Coming up with new options may take a while, but don’t stop exploring possibilities. And even if you need training for a new profession or have to work on building your clientele, time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well be doing what brings you joy.  Never forget that our time to play on this planet is limited, so it’s up to us to “only race for fun.”

*And if you want to watch Peter Sagan on TV check out the Tour of California May 11th 2017


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Coming in 2017

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Coming in 2017

I know its late to talk about new year’s plans but let’s face it things take time to put together so here it is:

Some of you have already noticed the newsletter looks different.  That’s because I am very pleased to announce I have launched a new website with some new services I had not offered before. And quite frankly I don’t feel like writing two newsletters so both businesses will share this one.

Check out my new site.  www.soulconnecthypnotherapy.com  (*Somethings are still a work in progress but if a link isn’t working please let me know. )

Healthy Habits Hypnosis is not changing or going anywhere. We will be offering the same intuitive regressive hypnotherapy, life coaching and habit healing with both businesses. Soul Connect will focus more the intuitive services, past life and between life regressions as well as the new classes and workshops I will be offering.

Having said that here’s a some of what you will be hearing about coming soon:

-Soul Retrieval Past life
-Between Lives soul regressions
-Group past life regressions
-New Mini Hypnosis sessions going up on my youtube channel
-Classes and workshops on Manifesting money and Intuition development.
-And much more

I have also made a new video for my homepage showing what it looks like to be hypnotized.  Check it out, if only to see what I look like with a TON of makeup and fake eyelashes : )


It’s been my pleasure to work with all of you and I Look forward to being of service to you for many more years to come.

Jill Thomas

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Happy break up season!

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‘Tis the Season…to Break Up!
I swear I’m not making this up! The period of January 2nd through February 12th is infamously known as “break-up season,” and if you don’t believe me, just ask any divorce attorney. Interestingly, early-year splits are not limited to the romance department, but apply to a variety of areas—job changes, business partner dissolutions, or “turning over a new leaf” in your lifestyle/health goals (like eating differently to lose weight, for instance).In the case of romantic  break-ups, people generally wait until after the holidays to make this type of change since, let’s face it, no one wants to be alone or dealing with major upheavals during this time of year. However, with Valentine’s Day looming, it makes sense to cut off the relationship before it arrives, thus avoiding having to buy an expensive gift for someone with whom you see no future. Regarding the job situation, seeds of dissatisfaction are often planted during the January to mid-February timeframe, even if it takes a while to find another job and actually leave.

What is so different about these particular six weeks?

I explained the relationship rationale already, but in other areas, there are a number of factors contributing to beginning-of-the-year restlessness. Firstly, the longer periods of darkness lead to mild depression for some people, causing more introspection and reflection. We may become more acutely aware of certain life issues and feelings, and think to ourselves, “I’m not happy. Why is that?”

Another aspect of the post-New Year’s period is that many of us—even with the bustle of the holidays—have had some time off from work and the chance to reconnect with family. If you’ve been over-extending yourself on the job, you might painfully sense what you’ve been missing by working so much. Again, this can cause you to question your life’s direction and whether you want to continue on your current course. Often the answer is “no,” and hence the desire for change.

Even though “’Tis the season,” major change is still not easy, even if you’re moving away from something that is harmful or limiting you. This is especially true in the case of leaving a bad relationship in hopes of finding a better match. After leaving what is old, familiar, and yet unsatisfying, you may be on your own for quite some time before a new relationship presents itself. Or you may be walking away from a job that you hated to begin a new one someplace else. What if this one is even worse? It feels risky, like jumping off an edge into the unknown.

At this point, it helps to remember that part of any great success story is what preceded the final victory…the self-centered boyfriend or girlfriend you had to walk away from, the demeaning treatment you got at your old job, the dozens of rejections before your business plan finally got backing. It takes courage, and lots of it, along with a degree of tolerance for the unfamiliar, to abandon what you’re accustomed to and break new ground. But unless you push aside the stuff in your life that isn’t working, it takes up the parking spot where your new life could be.

Having said all that don’t be afraid to call a lawyer for advice if your breakup involves anything legal.  I cannot tell you how many ugly stories of being taken advantage of that I have heard in my office that started  with the person saying “I was trying to be nice so I didn’t call a lawyer and it cost me a fortune.”

Now don’t read this and think that I’m telling you to dump your boyfriend, quit your job, or fire your business partner. These are your decisions, obviously, but don’t be terribly surprised if you find yourself doing some bigger-picture life evaluation right after the holidays. I encourage you to entertain those thoughts just a little, because who knows—they may be the seeds of inspiration leading to your next huge win!


Jill Thomas, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, weight-loss consultant, & author, has been a health and wellness professional for over 15 years, specializing in stress / anxiety reduction and attainment of holistic wellbeing.

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Ladies, Stop Being Sorry!

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Jill with a Goat

Recently I watched a hilarious episode of Inside Amy Schumer that had a bunch of highly educated women with PhD’s, standing up on the stage and alternating between apologizing for some pretty ridiculous things.  It was a crazy-funny exaggeration of what women – myself included – do all the time, but also a sad reminder of the less-than-empowering socialization of females that still exists in this country.

Generations of women, whose only access to money was through their father and later their husband, have left us with remnants of programming directed at getting and keeping a prosperous man to marry. This training, however, does very little to validate females.

What are Girls Taught?

Socialization of girls starts at a very young age, as they begin getting messages about their role and place in the world, and how they should behave as people.  This is generally good information, since it includes rules about not lying, stealing, committing murder, etc. But part of the mix is some gender specific expectations that can keep a woman from achieving her fullest potential.

Some of these unenlightened messages are:

  • Your value is based on what you do for others.
  • Your appearance is the most important thing you have. It’s necessary to look good, keep your weight down, and pay close attention to your grooming.
  • It is absolutely imperative that others like you, so be sure to be “nice” and agreeable all the time.
  • The person who makes the money in the household (or more money than the others) is the most important member, and they have the most power and status.
  • As a wife, it’s your job to take care of your husband and the rest of the family, because this will bring you satisfaction and happiness.


How the Lessons Hurt Us

In the mind of a child, the above messages are often translated into very limiting unconscious beliefs that become almost hardwired into their thinking. Among these beliefs are the following:

  • My needs aren’t important, and I am selfish if I ask for things.
  • It doesn’t matter how accomplished I am if I am unattractive and or can’t control my weight.
  • It is not okay for me to speak up, and no one wants to hear what I have to say.
  • I am “less than.”

Based on these ideas, it would be pretty easy to conclude that you’re taking up space, not as important as your male partner, and that your life priority should be making sure his needs are met, instead of the two of you working as a team.

We talk a lot about how women make less money than men. In my practice, I hear complaints about this from my female clients all the time. However, when I ask them if they’ve actually asked for the fair and equal pay they deserve, I find out few have done this! I believe this is the result of the same self-deprecating programming that contributes to women staying in bad relationships, always doing way more than their share of housework, and not asking for things.

On a day-to-day basis, these outdated attitudes are played out as women apologize for taking too much time at the checkout line, or dipping into “household money” for something not completely practical. Then, of course, there are the infinite ways we take on more responsibility than we can handle comfortably…

Changing our Beliefs about Ourselves

Try substituting some of the following more positive ideas for those old, shameful lessons from your past:

  • You have the right to be here, to take up space, and to consume.
  • You are the equal of everyone else in the world (except for politicians…in this case, you’re actually superior).
  • You have the right to speak up and ask for what you need, what you want, and even some things that might just be nice!
  • You always have the right to say “no” to any request, and you don’t need to give a reason.
  • You have the right to feel and be safe, and if you ever feel threatened, you have the right to make an incredible scene, and scream and yell for all the world to hear, even if it turns out you weren’t really in that much danger.
  • You have the right to live a life very different from the one your parents had envisioned for you.

Remember that no matter what messages you were given as a child, you are very important to the world. As such, expect respectful treatment from others and equality under the law. Stop apologizing and start living with the dignity you deserve as a worthy, loving, and lovable person!

Oh, and one last thing—it’s absolutely okay to take the last cookie from the plate or tissue from the box…and not feel bad about it.



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I’m so Jealous!

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A lot of my clients are men and women who come to me for help in trying to cope with the green-eyed monster, jealousy. Intense fear, anxiety, and other troubling feelings take hold as they suspect that their partner is cheating on them, compelling them to do things like check their partner’s phone, hack into their email account, and constantly “check up” on them. These behaviors bother the other person to the point of breakup, or cause serious and material damage to the relationships that do survive. Making things even worse, if their significant other is actually cheating, they often find themselves choosing another cheater in their next relationship!

I had a brush with this myself when a former boyfriend hacked into my email and appeared to be deleting messages from other friends inviting me to social events.  It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but when I did, I changed all my computer passwords, had new locks installed in my home, and called the police (who weren’t able to do anything, by the way). Needless to say, that relationship ended abruptly.  When I confronted the boyfriend, he apologized profusely and admitted he felt compelled to do it out of his fear that I was cheating.

Having worked with both the victims and the perpetrators of these “investigative” activities, I understand the reasons behind it much better. Constantly doubting and checking up on someone else has elements of obsessive-compulsive behavior, and it comes from a place of deep pain. For this reason, it’s not as easy to resolve as you might think. Nearly all my clients with this problem have either been cheated on or been cheaters themselves. Frequently it’s both.

Truth is, the root of their pain is rarely about actually being cheated on—that’s just a symptom. The core issues include believing they are “less than,” not getting their needs met, and frequently feeling abandoned.  Even if you could get yourself to stop checking your significant other’s phone, you would still need to get to the deeper causes of the behavior and work on healing your inner pain.

Whether you actually act it out on not, if you find yourself feeling compelled to check phones, look at emails, and/or stalk your partner, your relationship and all the ones that come after it are in serious trouble without some professional help.

How do you know the difference between obsessive checking and an intuitive feeling that your partner is actually cheating?

It can be difficult, to say the least, telling the difference between a compulsive urge and an intuition. It helps, though, if you stay in touch with your emotions and motivations.  As I have said before, real, intuitive messages tend to feel more neutral, like a quiet voice in your head, a picture in your mind, or a gut feeling that something is off. An intuition to look at your partner’s phone is generally not normal behavior for you, not premeditated, and most of all, not something you feel like doing every 10 minutes! A number of clients who caught their partner cheating have told me that for “some reason,” they picked up the other person’s phone when it rang, having never done that before, and discovered the infidelity.

When our less rational, more obsessive side is involved, we are usually feeling unsettled, scared, or angry. Our thinking is directed to one thing, and one thing only—getting to the information about our partner that we absolutely MUST have.

Ultimately, if a man is actually cheating, he will always get caught eventually. Guys—with the possible exception of Don Draper from Mad Men—are just not that good at covering their tracks! Women are more careful, so checking their phone doesn’t usually provide any clues. The point is, since cheating will become evident at one point or another, there’s no need to check anyone’s phone on a regular basis.

If obsessive worry and/or jealousy regarding your partner is a common issue for you, it’s time to take a deeper look and work to heal the inner wound fueling that obsession. Start by asking yourself a couple key questions:

“Am I getting what I need from this relationship?”

If not, maybe you need to look at that. Ironically, people who really are getting their needs met often miss obvious cheating because they are happy. But if you are NOT happy, take a look inside yourself, apart from your relationship, to find out why.

“Do I have hurts from the past I haven’t dealt with?”

I can already tell you the answer is “yes,” because we all do. But if buried pain is causing you to feel excessively anxious and jealous, and to obsessively scrutinize your mate’s social contacts, you must resolve these old wounds if you ever want to create a happy, loving, and satisfying relationship with a good match.

Having said all this, sometimes it’s the sad truth that our significant other is really cheating, seemingly justifying our constant anxiety. Trust me on this, though…if your partner is cheating, it will never stay a secret for very long, so you don’t need to waste energy worrying about it. Shift your focus instead to making yourself happy. Then no matter what happens in life or with others, you’ll be able to handle it, and HANDLE IT WELL.




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Six Questions to ask Before you Buy

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In my many years of working with clients on both emotional eating and emotional spending, I have observed that the two issues are very much the same. I’ve discussed emotional eating quite a bit already, so I’d like to talk about buying binges. Similar to dieting, which doesn’t address emotional eating, budgeting won’t help you with emotional spending. To be more financially responsible, you have to change both your mindset about money and your relationship with it.

Of course, the first step in confronting any issue is to recognize it. Let’s face it—much of our spending is emotional. There are few things we actually “need,” with many purchases being a mixture of want and need. For example, you might truly require a new purse, but choose a more attractive, expensive one rather than something basic that would fill your practical needs.

The key to shifting your behavior is to make spending a conscious activity. Take your time in deciding to make a purchase, rather than being driven by feelings, which shift and change all the time. Buying something can give you a short-lived “high,” which is quickly forgotten as you move on to the next thing.  Have you ever purchased something on Amazon, only to have it arrive a few days later, at which point you barely even remember ordering it? Obviously, you didn’t really need that item, and the money would have been better deposited in your 401K.  But saving isn’t sexy, and it doesn’t give you that fun little “kick” that shopping does, so it’s hard to make yourself do it. It works better to have the money you wish to save drawn automatically from your account each month, so it never really feels like it’s yours.

To increase your spending awareness before making a non-essential purchase (basically anything other than toiletries, fuel, or basic groceries), ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What purpose will this serve in my life?  If the item is clothing, what will I wear it with? If it’s furniture, where will it go? What will I do with this item
  2. Would something else be better? Do your research; make sure this is the best version of what you are considering. There might be one that fits your needs better but costs more, and you might choose to delay your purchase and save up for that, rather than get something less useful today.
  3. Can I afford it NOW? Be honest about where you are financially, and whether you can afford the prospective purchase in your present circumstances. If not, buy it later when you have more money.  The “now or never” idea is frequently just a lie we tell ourselves to justify overspending.
  4. Am I comfortable with the amount of my earnings/work time this item will cost me? Look at your after-tax hourly rate of earnings, and ask yourself how you feel about having to work that number of hours to pay for a thing you want.  Considering the number of actual hours you’d have to work to earn the money to pay for something may make you pause before spending!
  5. Do I really want this, or I am just afraid of missing out? Again, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you “should” buy it. Trust me…there are always future buying opportunities, so wait for the right time.
  6. Do I feel good about this purchase? Does the world need another one of these? If you happen to be an environmentalist like me, think about the fact that almost anything you buy won’t biodegrade during your lifetime. Do you think the planet needs another new CD, or could a used one or MP3 fill the bill just as well?  Check in with your feelings and intuition to guide your decision to buy something or not.

If you have particular trouble with emotional spending, call me to schedule my “prosperity session.” Through it, I’ve helped many clients with financial issues, and everyone seems to love this special, focused process.

Love yourself enough to do the work of change—you heal much more than your bank account when you attend to the most important thing: your relationship with yourself.


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The 5 stages of Grief

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5 Stages of Grief

Denial/disbelief: Done

Anger: Been there, still there

Bargaining: Not sure really.

Depression: Yep, got it.

Acceptance: yes, still working on that one.

Even if your guy won hardly any person woke up feeling good about this process and truly excited about who we elected and that’s something we need to look at as a country.  How our candidates get chosen, why do we still need the electoral collage rather than just going with the popular vote and why isn’t election day a national holiday so no one has to choose between and paycheck and participating in our election.

And on an even deeper level we need to look at the racism, misogyny and general hatred that is dividing our country and causing us to elect someone endorsed by the KKK.

All things I think as a nation we need to look at so that we can heal the deep wounding and issues this election brought to the surface for us all to see.

In the meantime, know that those 5 stages are not linear meaning you won’t go down the list you will bounce around a bit.  Anger especially is going to be an issue for many of us for a while so everyone needs to watch themselves as we process our grief.  I say this after having picked a fight with husband this morning over something ridiculously stupid..willing to bet I am not the only one.

So, for now take my advice

No twitter, news or anything with more conflict than you would see on cupcake wars.

Put on some classical music (I recommend Chopin’s nocturnes)  while taking a long bubble bath
And lastly (and know you will likely never hear this advice from me again) go buy some ice crème…the good stuff not that skinny cow c*** and enjoy and know that this too shall pass.

Oh, and tell someone you love them. The world could use a lot more love right now.

And if you are having trouble sleeping check out this video/meditation


Jill Thomas CCHT

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The Top Four Reasons Diets Don’t Work (& What You Can Do)

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Diets don’t work.  By now, it’s likely this is not news to you…you’ve heard it before or learned it from your own experience. In fact, if you’re an “average American woman,” you’ve learned it many, many times! Probably no one has told you why, though. Well, there are lots of reasons, but here are a few of the big ones:

1.  Humans do not like the word “no”.   If you told your inner child right now that you could never have cookies again, that news would likely be met with cookies being the only thing you think about until you lose your mind and give in. It goes against our nature to tell ourselves that this thing we love—this highly addictive thing, by the way—is now in the “no/never, ever” category, especially if the consequences of eating it are not immediate and painful. You can’t trick your mind by calling something “poison,” when it knows a cookie won’t kill you, at least not right away.

2.  When you think about reducing your food intake, the innate fear of feeling hungry is triggered. Have you noticed that when you even simply contemplate going on a diet, you find yourself binging? Hunger is a terrible feeling, one that people have and do kill over, literally. Our natural survival instinct makes the feeling of hunger very unpleasant. And it works!  Don’t fight nature…if you are hungry, eat (but wisely).

3.  Almost all eating is emotional. Most people have no idea how much of their eating is emotional. Technically, a human could survive on a good, plant-based protein shake and maybe some vitamin/mineral supplements, but that is just not fun. We would rather have hearty soup, warm tea, and crunchy popcorn. The reason is not so much because those things are good for us, as some are, but because we associate them with beautiful memories.  Remember having tea with our mothers, or that delectable soup grandma used to make, or hot, buttered popcorn with a good movie?  Even if we aren’t conscious of these associations, the memories are still there. If you crave happiness or feeling loved, your need is easily redirected to foods that have been tied to this emotion in the past, which often includes candy, cake, and alcohol!

4.  Dieting goes against the basic habit model. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has done a lot of research on the issue of habits, coming up with a model of how they are formed. This model, which seems pretty accurate, describes the following:

The Habit:  For the sake of this discussion, we’ll use eating/overeating.

Trigger:  What causes or brings on the behavior. For eating, it could be difficult emotions, or physical pain, or simply seeing your favorite food on the table in your employer’s break room.

Reward:  Release from care, that “warm, fuzzy feeling” or pleasurable oblivion.

For example, a typical trigger might be your boss yelling at you and making you feel bad.  You go to your drug of choice—food—to feel better, and for about five minutes you are off in the oblivion of food gratification. Almost instantly, however, you are remorseful about eating that Snickers bar.

If Diets Don’t Work, What Does?

New mindset. We have to change our attitude toward eating healthily, making it a “lifestyle” and not a diet. We must learn to make better choices not so much to lose weight as because this is part of who we are.

Substitution. We also know from AA that expecting to get rid of all triggers is a losing battle. To switch to a healthier behavior, though, we need some level of immediate payoff from the new habit. As far as eating, your best bet is to replace the unhealthy comfort foods with more nutritious options. I tell people to take all the “fun” foods they love, and come up with a healthy alternative, e.g. raisins instead of M&M’s, a fruit bowl rather than ice cream, and baby carrots instead of chips.

Work on your body intuition.  Practice listening to your body more, e.g. when it is hungry and what it seems to be craving.  When you start paying closer attention, your body will tell you what it does and does not want to be fed.

Be nice to your inner child. Lastly, allow yourself what I call “breaks” from your normal healthy eating routine—let yourself have the donuts you are craving, or treat yourself to a weekly dinner at your favorite restaurant.  Think about it…you wouldn’t drive from Los Angeles to New York without a break, so why expect yourself to never enjoy something yummy that you know isn’t good for you, but is fun?

To succeed in eating better, work with your natural ways of doing things instead of against them. Changing and healing involve work, and shifting bad habits is not always easy, but the rewards of increased love and self-respect that come from a healthier lifestyle are worth every ounce of effort you put in.

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Getting to the root

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“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”
– Henry David Thoreau

As a practicing hypnotherapist, I am constantly seeing new clients, many of whom have never been hypnotized before. Often I’m asked, “Do you ever turn anyone away?” The answer to that is most definitely “yes.” In fact, I tell all prospective clients to try one session first before committing to a treatment series. That way, we can make sure we work well together so the client will get the most benefit from therapy.

One time, a gentleman called to schedule an appointment, but pretty quickly let me know that he had already been to another hypnotherapist, and never wanted to go back because “all she wanted to talk about was what happened to me when I was six!” I asked him what he was coming to me for help with, and he replied, “Confidence and weight loss.”

Of course, my next question was what had happened when he was six, and he told me he had been raped. Wow! That is a big deal, and it would certainly cause major issues, including those he was seeking help with.

“I am not the slightest bit interested in talking about any of my past,” he went on to say. “I am a sales rep, but I am not reaching my goal numbers. All I want to talk about is the future—why I keep sabotaging my success, and why I can’t lose weight.” It was very apparent to me that the reason for his problems was related to what had happened to him at age six, and I mentally commended his previous hypnotherapist for bringing it up.

However, I realized from his words that this person was not ready to look at what was almost certainly the root cause of LOTS of problems in his life besides his sales numbers…among other things, this likely included all his relationships. Unfortunately, I also knew he wasn’t my client because, as I told him, “I, too, would want to do some emotional clearing work on your childhood trauma, and I suggest working with a psychotherapist instead of just masking the symptoms of your root issue by getting affirmations from me to increase your sales success. You and I working together may not be a match.”  Then I referred him to a good psychotherapist I know.

Traumas cause scars, and their roots can be deep. When you do the much harder work of looking at those real issues, you heal problems you might not have even known existed. When I first tried hypnotherapy myself, it was to resolve my fear of dogs, which I thought had been caused by a dog bite incident when I was a kid. I went through the somewhat emotional process of remembering what had happened when I was bitten, in detail. It turned out I had forgotten part of it: while still bleeding from the bite, I had been slapped across the face and knocked to the ground by my dad because I had been told not to go near the dog and had disobeyed. I left that hypnotherapist’s office no longer scared of dogs, but later in the day something strange happened. My dad called, and I discovered that I didn’t have that anxious, fearful feeling in my stomach I usually experienced when I heard his voice. I hadn’t noticed I was afraid of my dad until those feelings were no longer there—only then could I see it! My mind had lumped my fear of dogs and fear of my dad together, so healing one healed the other.

Since then, I have been able to create a happy, loving relationship with my father for the first time in my life, and this is a direct result of working on the ROOT of my fear of dogs rather than staying on the surface.

One of my techniques is regressive hypnotherapy, which involves looking at the core causes of your issues to promote healing from the inside out. Sometimes, although not always, this kind of work can be emotional, as well as more difficult and time-intensive. It pays off, though, in infinitely more powerful healing than what is achieved through only addressing the apparent symptoms. This hugely more satisfying result is what I wish for all of you.

Once you’re willing to hack away at the root causes of your issues, you will be amazed at how many branches grew from it. This is the point where healing starts to feel like a true miracle, transforming you and your life.

Knowing this, do you love yourself enough to uncover the deeper reasons for your pain, and start the amazing journey to your truest and healthiest self?



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