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Working from crisis mode

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Working from crisis mode

Imagine that you are traveling on your life’s path on a windy, stormy day. The journey is so hard that you have to stop and get directions to a short cut which helps, but you still don’t get very far because the weather is so bad.

Now, imagine the same journey on a day when the weather is bright, sunny and perfect. You can see where you are going. On this sunny day, you might think you don’t need to stop and ask for directions to a short cut, but when you did, it ended up being worth it. You realized you got much farther on your path.

In both cases, progress is made, but in one case, you are able to go farther. In fact, you may even go so far in your work that you are able to heal what caused the violent storm in the first place.

I wrestled with this issue with my own hypnotherapist many years ago. I would only call her for an appointment when I was desperate for help because of money issues. She would help me get to a better place. I would feel better and then stop coming. By doing this, I was never able to get to the deeper level of these problems to heal what was actually causing me to get into a bad place from the start.

One day she confronted me about this pattern. She said, “You only come in when you are in crisis mode. I am glad you come, but if you really want to heal, you need to continue when things are calmer so you heal the underlying issues that get you into crisis mode in the first place.” She was right, and when I was able to commit to working with her consistently, it made a huge difference. I made profound changes.

It’s a good idea to call and seek help from someone when you are in pain, but the results are even more powerful when you continue to work on yourself when the pain is gone, and the mind has lost the cloud of darkness around it. It’s like swimming in clear, calm waters. You travel much farther with significantly less effort.

Love yourself enough to do the work.

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