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Love and beauty

Posted by healthyhabi | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 04-22-2015

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Love and beauty

One day I was sitting in my office waiting for my next client who was coming in for help with confidence and dating issues. I was stunned when the most physically beautiful man I had ever seen came walking in claiming to be my next client. I thought, “Shoot, I must have double booked. This guy cannot be having dating problems.”

I pretended to be surprised when he said his occupation was model and actor. I asked him about his challenge, and he said, “Just like I wrote on my paperwork, I am having trouble finding the right person.”

I asked, “Why do you think that is? Because I assume you get hit on all the time.”

“Well, being gay and working in my industry, I do get hit on all the time, but the men I meet seem to only be interested in having a fling. Which is ok sometimes, but what I really want is a relationship with marriage and kids and all that. I think there may be something wrong with me that I can’t find what I want.”

Twenty minutes earlier my last client, who is maybe 15 pounds overweight, was complaining about the same thing, only she assumed it was because she wasn’t pretty enough and needed to lose weight. This guy who looked like a Greek god (literally—I am pretty sure he was Greek) is having the same issues, only he assumed it’s him and not his looks because if a person would need to look prettier than him to find true love, then there is no hope for anyone.

In talking with him, it turns out he did have some issues around being open to finding true love. We worked on those in session, but I was struck with the bigger picture. So many people think it’s about looks, and it’s not. If that were true, this person, as well as all the other pretty people in the world, would never be single. Granted, they may have more options than the rest of us, but how may celebrity marriages last longer than 5 years? Almost none and these people are not only very pretty, but often very rich—the other thing most of my male clients seem to think they need to be to find true love.

Ladies, what the single men in my chair say over and over again is that they want women who are confident, sure of themselves, and have their own things going on, rather than someone who is needy and clingy. I often hear they want women who are healthy and work out too, but that is because they want someone with an active lifestyle like them. It really isn’t all that common for me to hear a guy say he wants a super thin woman who wears a lot of makeup and has had a boob job, though I won’t lie that does happen.

Guys, what I hear from women is that they want someone who is willing to invest the time to get to know them rather than expecting sex on the first date. They want someone who likes to do things, has ambition, and is kind. They do not necessarily want a guy who is rich, tall, or especially handsome. Occasionally women will say they want a guy who works out, but not because of the body, though yes that’s sometimes part of it, but because they too want someone with a healthy active lifestyle like them.

Universally I hear from men and women a desire to find someone who LOVES them and treats them with respect. Who doesn’t want that?!

If you are holding onto the idea that something you are or aren’t is a reason why you can’t find love, remember being happy and confident in who you are is far more attractive to both sexes than being thin and rich but needy and unhappy.

Love yourself enough to work on letting go of these outdated, limiting concepts and instead work on being confident and open to give and receive love.

Jill Thomas CCHT
Healthy Habits Hypnosis
Author of the book “Feed Your Real Hunger” & “30 day weight loss Jumpstart” Hypnosis CD
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