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Family Norms: How They Hurt Us

Among the personal growth community, conventional wisdom used to be that “fear of failure” holds people back from growing. Later, the collective thinking shifted to “fear of success.” But my mentor Michele Meiche has another thought: “It’s actually fear of stepping beyond the family...

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Typical Weight Loss Clients

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typicalWhat follows is a fairly typical response to a question on my intake forms from a woman regarding what brought her in for a session.

“Where do I begin… Well, I have serious confidence issues due to an abusive childhood. I was raped when I was a teen and have since found it really hard to find good men to date. I am trying to get out of my current relationship with a guy who is not nice to me, but because of my low self-esteem, I feel like I won’t do any better. (sadly that’s likely true)I have a job I hate where my boss is constantly belittling me and taking credit for all the great ideas I come up with, but I don’t feel pretty enough to get a better job. So I stay. Having said all that, I am here because I want to lose weight. I feel like if I could just take control of my weight, then everything else I could handle.”

She was correct in listing the weight issue as the last one, because even though she feels like it is the only thing she really wants to work on, it’s really the least of her problems. She needs to work on her self-confidence, heal the past trauma of her rape, and learn how to love herself more so she can set better boundaries at work and in her relationships. She also likely needs to heal her past issues with her family of origin so she can create the life she really wants for herself.


Here is another example of a typical response I receive:

“My husband has told me he no longer finds me attractive because of my weight. I am starting to suspect he might be cheating on me, but I have very young kids and no job outside of the home. I need to do whatever I can to keep my marriage intact, so I am here to lose weight.”

Like the previous example, this woman needs to work on confidence and self-esteem issues, but she also needs to make some hard decisions about what her options might be. If she is leaning toward divorce, she could benefit from a discreet visit to a lawyer to find out her legal options. Losing weight WILL NOT solve this problem.

Weight gain is a SYMPTOM of a problem, not a problem on its own. This “symptom” brings a lot of people into my office to work on the deeper, more difficult issues that are typically negatively impacting almost every area of their lives.

typical_02When you heal those deeper areas, you create profound changes that can turn your whole life around for the better.

Diet and exercise programs fail because they lack the component that addresses the underlying core issue. If you happen to be in the 1% that succeeds without going deep, who cares if you are thin and unhappy, and your life is a mess?  

As a side note, if you take away food as your drug of choice or coping mechanism during difficult times, you might find yourself reaching for something even less healthy like drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes—all of which are MUCH harder problems to solve than overeating.  

If you want to heal your emotional eater so you can access your inner thin self, know that in a true healing session you will be talking about more than what you ate for lunch. Love yourself enough to do the hard work of change. You are so very worth that hard work.  

Jill Thomas CCHT
Healthy Habits Hypnosis


Oh my Gosh! I Can’t Believe What I Ate!

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ohmygosh‘Tis the season for those crazy calls and emails from clients asking me which diets, diet pills, potions – and even creams – they should use to lose weight. As a former sales representative and product researcher in the vitamin industry, I am qualified to give an educated opinion, so here is my basic answer for everyone: NONE. Nothing you buy in a bottle or tube will fix this problem. You have to eat better.

Furthermore, none of the diet programs will fix this, even the most expensive one out there, which I am not going to call out for fear of getting sued (but you know who you are). Diets don’t work because most people don’t eat out of physical hunger as much as from emotional hunger masking uncomfortable, underlying feelings such as boredom (the most frequent culprit), sadness, anger, and sometimes even elation You have to satisfy your real hunger to lose weight.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Over the years, I have seen many people through the weight-loss process, have done a ton of research on the subject, and am absolutely convinced of some important ideas:

  • Calories in and calories out is an incomplete way of looking at the problem.  As JJ Virgin says in her Virgin Diet books, “Our bodies are not calculators; they are chemistry sets.” 100 calories of chocolate is not the same as 100 calories of cabbage.
  • Exercise will not guarantee weight loss.  Exercise has a ton of benefits, so do it daily if you can; but research has shown over and over that exercise alone will not make you thin. 
  • Low fat is a fail for weight loss.  Everyone has different weight-loss strategies that work for them, but in general, clients I’ve worked with over the years who’ve tried low fat diets have a nearly 100% failure rate. In fact, this is why many of my clients come to me in the first place…they are upset by their lack of success in doing what they’ve been told is the solution.  
  • Sugar is a legal addictive substance.  The #1 complaint I hear from clients – even ones not trying to lose weight – is that sugar cravings are a major problem. The reasons for craving sugar are partly emotional, but more physical in nature. It takes ten days of not eating sugar to be completely free from craving it, although it should start feeling easier after three days. It isn’t as simple as it sounds to give up, but you will be amazed how much better you feel if you do. 

What Works?

The answer is simple: knowledge. I have found that people with the most success in long-term weight loss took the time to really understand the problem from a scientific perspective, doing research and experimenting with different ways of eating to see what worked for them. This is the approach I recommend.  The following is a list of books I highly recommend to anyone on the diet/exercise journey:

 “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” by Gary Taubes.  This book gives a clear discussion of the science involved in weight gain.

“Salt, Sugar, Fat” by Michael Moss.  Here you’ll learn the fascinating and yet diabolical way the food industry basically engineers our food to ensure our addiction to it.

“The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain.  For years, my professional athlete clients have been recommending this way of eating to me. Finally I tried it, and now I’m a fan, too.

“The Fast Diet” by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer.  The authors introduce a different approach to weight loss, one that employs intermittent fasting. I am playing with this one now, and so far I really like it.  

“FastExercise” by Michael Mosley and Peta Bee.  A significant amount of research is now showing that high-intensity, short-duration exercise bursts may be just as effective as longer, lower-intensity training. This book explains the process.

Feed your Real Hunger by Jill Thomas. Yes, a shameless plug for my own book, but I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was great!  

“Bridget Jones Diary” by Helen Felding.  Read the book, which is quite a different story than the movie. After you’ve read all the scientific, information-packed tomes, you’ll enjoy this light novel portraying dieting in its most ridiculous light.  

Enjoy reading, learning, and experimenting. And if you want extra help with losing weight, I welcome your calls. My commitment to this issue means that when you achieve your goals, I have achieved my goal.

To support your efforts, I’ve created my short End Sugar Cravings meditation.

Jill Thomas CCHT
Healthy Habits Hypnosis


End Sugar Cravings Now

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sugarIn honor of the personal research we all did these past two weeks on the sin of gluttony, my friend Augie Augusto turned my End Sugar cravings meditation into a cute video. She added cute cat pictures but know that if you are looking at the pictures you are not getting the full benefit of this recording.

Sugar is actually highly addictive and as much as I hate to say this the only way to really stop the cravings is to not eat it. It takes 10-14 days for sugar cravings to subside after you stop eating sugar though you should start feeling better after the 3rd day of no sugar. Doing this meditation daily will help.

Sugar cravings are both of physical and an emotional problem this meditation works on both. Most people reach for sugar when they want to feel love or connection. This short meditation works or replacing sugar cravings with a feelings of self love as well as working on the physical cravings themselves.

This eyes closed process has beautiful hypnotic music in the background as well as cute cat pictures in case you decide not to close your eyes.

These are kind of fun for me to make so if you have any requests for a particular topic let me know and maybe I will make that next.