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Relationship Advice For Couples Over the years, I have seen lots of married people in my office come in for all sorts of issues, many of them relationship concerns, and in that time, I have noticed a few things that I think are important to share. First, I will preface this by saying, these are not hard...

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That’s Just Stupid!

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One day I tripped over the cord of my expensive and much-loved digital recorder. This is a vital tool (as seen on Ghost Hunters, even!) I use in my office every day. Not only that, it was a gift from my husband.

recorderThe recorder fell in slow motion, landing with a thud and crunch that marked its end.  As I realized it was all over for my electronic friend, my mother’s voice echoed in my brain: “Jill, if you get too attached to things, God will punish you by taking them away!” Okay,  I won’t lie. I proceeded to bawl like a baby for about ten minutes before I heard another more practical voice in my head – my father’s this time – saying, “FedEx probably has a cutoff time to deliver. Better get on that, Jill!”

Well, if God really wanted to punish me, there would be no Amazon Prime, FedEx overnight rush delivery, and credit cards! Less than 16 hours later, Zen was restored when my new digital recorder and an extra large package of long-life batteries arrived.

Honestly, I don’t believe for one second that a Higher Power really cares that much about my digital recorder, but it did occur to me that for some reason, my mind had retained that sound byte from my mother’s belief system.

The truth is, all of us keep tons of old data in our psyches, usually things handed over by our families of origin. Most of these little “belief blips” are pretty harmless…like my mom’s weird idea about not leaving the light over the stove on too long because “that bulb is hard to change” (it’s not, by the way), or my father’s quirk about not using the garbage disposal too frequently because disposals are a “huge job” to replace (again, not true). But other family “wisdom,” especially limiting beliefs about money, can be very destructive.

At least every week in my practice, I help someone wrestle with, and hopefully shed, limiting beliefs about having, creating, and/or earning money. These clients’ old ways of thinking about money, if not addressed, keep them from achieving the life they want. Money is just one area affected by faulty thinking. Outdated attitudes about almost anything in our lives can cause big trouble.

Think of these bits of faulty logic as bad programming code, causing the computer (you!) to do something it shouldn’t or not do something it should!  If you replace the bad code with something new and better, life opens up in remarkable ways.

Sounds good, you may be saying. But just how do I do that?


Much of our outdated thinking can be eliminated simply by being recognized, and then acknowledged as ineffective or false. Others attitudes take more work, requiring you to recognize the behaviors you do that reinforce the faulty belief. One example is thinking that you will never be able to lose weight. If you keep trying the same old ways that you already know don’t work, your repeated failures reinforce that belief. If you want a different result, you must try a different approach.

The use of meditation is a tool for doing away with useless, worn-out beliefs. Place yourself into a meditative state by relaxing and focusing on the peaceful stillness underneath all those noisy thoughts. In this quiet place, imagine the specific limiting belief written on a chalkboard in front of you. Now, picture yourself erasing those old words, while thanking them for helping you in the past, and writing a new belief that is more in line with who you are now and what you want to create. This technique takes some practice, but it’s fun! Try doing it at least once a week.

Of course, if you would like help with this belief replacement process, or you would like to release a bunch of those self-defeating ways of thinking and acting, call me to schedule an appointment.

Your past does not have to dictate your future! Just because some principle or attitude was sacred to your mom or dad, doesn’t mean it has to be part of your thought system, too.

All of this said, if you find me curled into the fetal position, crying on the floor of my office next to broken pieces of my new digital recorder, you can probably assume that my mom’s old belief was true after all…

Jill Thomas CCHT
Healthy Habits Hypnosis



March Potpourri

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Today’s blog is a bit light because I am in the midst of intense family drama. I am dying to write about it, but have been advised not to until it has passed. This will make more sense later when I feel freer to share.  For now, enjoy the following:


The sleep recording I have given many of you over the years has been turned into a cat video, with the help of my friend Augie, so we can use YouTube’s bandwidth rather than mine.  Enjoy it here:


Karen Roth, an amazingly knowledgeable nutritionist, plus a friend of mine, has some excellent videos on her website about health and wellness. She is also offering $25 off on your first session with her to all my clients, if you are interested in getting professional assistance.

In any event, check out her newsletter. Hers is one of the few newsletters – out of about 20 that hit my inbox every month – that I actually read!



If I ever tell any of you there is “something up” with the stars, Jackleen’s newsletter is the reason I know this. Hers is another newsletter that I actually look forward to reading. Check it out.


Sacred Geometry:

janoshIf you’ve been to my office, you have seen Janosh’s art.  I have never met this person and don’t even remember how I found him, but his blogs and videos are incredible. Take a look!


Mediumship class:

I have taken this class and loved it! The class is usually held in Orange County, but they lost their venue this year so it’s coming to Encinitas instead. I expect it to sell out, so if you want to go, don’t wait too long. You may see me there, too.



Jill Thomas CCHT
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