Past lives

Fun with past lives

Fun with past lives Fall is settling in, and this is the time of year I start getting frequent calls for both past life and between-lives regressions. I wanted to share a bit of information about these regressions with you so you can understand how these sessions work, and what Read more…

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Forgiveness shouldn’t be rushed

Forgiveness shouldn’t be rushed So often with spiritual and religious people, there can be a rush to forgive the missteps of others. Often, these can be issues that are beyond our human ability to forgive without an extreme amount of self growth.  Growth work, I might add, that few people Read more…

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Victory or Valhalla!

Victory or Valhalla As a child, I was close to my Norwegian great grand-father, whom I called “Papa,” not knowing he had any other name. I would ask for his advice on how to handle problems, and after his comments, he’d often say, “Remember Jill, victory or Valhalla!”  I interpreted Read more…

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Breaking down habits

  Breaking down Habits I recently read a great book, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. It reminded me of some concepts I learned in Hypnosis school that I had put in the back of my mind, rarely to be referenced again. This book reminded me of one of Read more…

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