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I’m so Jealous!

A lot of my clients are men and women who come to me for help in trying to cope with the green-eyed monster, jealousy. Intense fear, anxiety, and other troubling feelings take hold as they suspect that their partner is cheating on them, compelling them to do things like check their partner’s phone,...

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Celebrate Your True Self

Posted by healthyhabi | Posted in healing | Posted on 06-20-2017

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Jill with a GoatCelebrate Your True Self

One of the privileges of my profession is the opportunity to talk to people about feelings and problems in their lives on a deeper, more authentic level than the way most people normally relate to one another, even their friends. In general, people rarely open up about their goals, fears, and other parts of their inner world. I think this is sad because, quite frankly, that’s the best part of a person! For example, when I’m on Facebook and read the five things people list as “interests” on their profile, I’m far more curious to learn why those things are important to them, how those interests make them feel, and the story behind them.

True Disclosure – Over the years, I’ve had many members of Alcoholics Anonymous as clients, and all have told me that what they like best about going to their AA meetings is listening to other people share on a gut level about themselves, “warts” and all, and their sometimes-harrowing life experiences. Finding out that others have had similar feelings and humiliating incidents helps members to be less judgmental and more compassionate with themselves and the people around them.

True Purpose – One technique I use in my practice is past life regression, during which I guide clients into a deep trance state where it is possible to explore the actual purpose of their soul beyond present time and space. This is an amazing experience, as you can imagine, and through it, clients become aware of their own vital importance by discovering the special and particular reason they exist!

Truly Who We Are – Wouldn’t it be astounding if more of us tried to drop the mask we usually wear—you know, that all-important “impression management” façade—and were more authentically ourselves? Think how much easier it would be to get along with others. If only we could see that the image we put so much effort into projecting could never be more beautiful and interesting than who we really are.

True Love – If you want to find real love, let people see the actual you…the person I am so blessed to talk to during our sessions. You really are all so astonishing when you’re being “real.” Think about the great effort to maintain that acting job of being cool, confident, and together all the time, when inside you know you’re just faking it. It might help you to know that just about every person you think is SOOO confident, feels the same way you do inside. If you don’t believe me, try asking anyone about this (especially after they’ve had a glass or two of wine!), and you’ll see.

So, love yourself enough to let more of your freak flag fly! Even if people don’t “get” you, when all is said and done, the most important thing is that YOU get you.

**Yes, that is truly me with very little makeup, holding a goat cuz it sounded like fun. : )


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