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Ladies, Stop Being Sorry!

Recently I watched a hilarious episode of Inside Amy Schumer that had a bunch of highly educated women with PhD’s, standing up on the stage and alternating between apologizing for some pretty ridiculous things.  It was a crazy-funny exaggeration of what women – myself included – do all the time,...

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The 5 stages of Grief

Posted by healthyhabi | Posted in healing | Posted on 11-10-2016

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5 Stages of Grief

Denial/disbelief: Done

Anger: Been there, still there

Bargaining: Not sure really.

Depression: Yep, got it.

Acceptance: yes, still working on that one.

Even if your guy won hardly any person woke up feeling good about this process and truly excited about who we elected and that’s something we need to look at as a country.  How our candidates get chosen, why do we still need the electoral collage rather than just going with the popular vote and why isn’t election day a national holiday so no one has to choose between and paycheck and participating in our election.

And on an even deeper level we need to look at the racism, misogyny and general hatred that is dividing our country and causing us to elect someone endorsed by the KKK.

All things I think as a nation we need to look at so that we can heal the deep wounding and issues this election brought to the surface for us all to see.

In the meantime, know that those 5 stages are not linear meaning you won’t go down the list you will bounce around a bit.  Anger especially is going to be an issue for many of us for a while so everyone needs to watch themselves as we process our grief.  I say this after having picked a fight with husband this morning over something ridiculously stupid..willing to bet I am not the only one.

So, for now take my advice

No twitter, news or anything with more conflict than you would see on cupcake wars.

Put on some classical music (I recommend Chopin’s nocturnes)  while taking a long bubble bath
And lastly (and know you will likely never hear this advice from me again) go buy some ice crème…the good stuff not that skinny cow c*** and enjoy and know that this too shall pass.

Oh, and tell someone you love them. The world could use a lot more love right now.

And if you are having trouble sleeping check out this video/meditation


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