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I’m so Jealous!

A lot of my clients are men and women who come to me for help in trying to cope with the green-eyed monster, jealousy. Intense fear, anxiety, and other troubling feelings take hold as they suspect that their partner is cheating on them, compelling them to do things like check their partner’s phone,...

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What Accomplishment are you not Giving Yourself Credit for?

Posted by healthyhabi | Posted in healing | Posted on 09-12-2016

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accomplishEvery day in my office, I see people who have accomplished amazing things! But rather than celebrate their achievements, they usually negate them with some statement that begins, “Yeah, but…”

“I have a PhD in mechanical engineering and recently got promoted BUT none of that really matters because I can’t seem to lose these last 20 pounds.”

“I am a medical doctor with a thriving practice BUT I have $100,000 in student loan debt…”

I’ll be honest here—I, too, downplay my accomplishments, which is one reason I understand the problem so well. Here’s one of my own examples: I wrote an excellent book about emotional eating called Feed Your Real Hunger. It earned great reviews, was a finalist in a writing contest, and is very well-written…BUT sales of the book were kind of underwhelming, so in some ways it feels like a failure.

Really, now. Who cares that much about 20 pounds? And most people have at least some debt, but how many are saving lives every day? Lastly, very few people write and publish books, even bad ones, so why focus on sales numbers? (I’m talking to myself here)

It seems like women are particularly prone to diminishing their triumphs. I once had a client who grew up in abject poverty, often going to bed hungry. When she came from her country of origin to the U.S. at the age of 12, she spoke very little English. This same disadvantaged woman overcame all of that and went on to be the first person in her family to get a college education. Then she blew past that and got a master’s degree, all while working two jobs, living with three roommates, and basically having no personal life for six years. How could she possibly have a “Yeah, but…”? According to her, she felt like a failure because she had a really hard time with public speaking. In her words, “I still feel like that confused 12-year-old girl who doesn’t understand what the teacher is saying to me.”

It doesn’t help any that the world will try to knock you down and convince you that even a one-in-a-million feat doesn’t really count. Unfortunately, the success of others often has the effect of bringing peoples’ insecurities to the surface, and the more they can criticize and discount, the less they have to face up to their own shortcomings. The thing is, life is not a bank statement where you look at your success-to-failure ratio to determine net worth. Life is something else far more satisfying than that.


Jill Thomas, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, weight-loss consultant, & author, has been a health and wellness professional for over 15 years, specializing in stress / anxiety reduction and attainment of holistic wellbeing.

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End Sugar Cravings Now

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sugarIn honor of the personal research we all did these past two weeks on the sin of gluttony, my friend Augie Augusto turned my End Sugar cravings meditation into a cute video. She added cute cat pictures but know that if you are looking at the pictures you are not getting the full benefit of this recording.

Sugar is actually highly addictive and as much as I hate to say this the only way to really stop the cravings is to not eat it. It takes 10-14 days for sugar cravings to subside after you stop eating sugar though you should start feeling better after the 3rd day of no sugar. Doing this meditation daily will help.

Sugar cravings are both of physical and an emotional problem this meditation works on both. Most people reach for sugar when they want to feel love or connection. This short meditation works or replacing sugar cravings with a feelings of self love as well as working on the physical cravings themselves.

This eyes closed process has beautiful hypnotic music in the background as well as cute cat pictures in case you decide not to close your eyes.

These are kind of fun for me to make so if you have any requests for a particular topic let me know and maybe I will make that next.

Working from crisis mode

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Working from crisis mode

Imagine that you are traveling on your life’s path on a windy, stormy day. The journey is so hard that you have to stop and get directions to a short cut which helps, but you still don’t get very far because the weather is so bad.

Now, imagine the same journey on a day when the weather is bright, sunny and perfect. You can see where you are going. On this sunny day, you might think you don’t need to stop and ask for directions to a short cut, but when you did, it ended up being worth it. You realized you got much farther on your path.

In both cases, progress is made, but in one case, you are able to go farther. In fact, you may even go so far in your work that you are able to heal what caused the violent storm in the first place.

I wrestled with this issue with my own hypnotherapist many years ago. I would only call her for an appointment when I was desperate for help because of money issues. She would help me get to a better place. I would feel better and then stop coming. By doing this, I was never able to get to the deeper level of these problems to heal what was actually causing me to get into a bad place from the start.

One day she confronted me about this pattern. She said, “You only come in when you are in crisis mode. I am glad you come, but if you really want to heal, you need to continue when things are calmer so you heal the underlying issues that get you into crisis mode in the first place.” She was right, and when I was able to commit to working with her consistently, it made a huge difference. I made profound changes.

It’s a good idea to call and seek help from someone when you are in pain, but the results are even more powerful when you continue to work on yourself when the pain is gone, and the mind has lost the cloud of darkness around it. It’s like swimming in clear, calm waters. You travel much farther with significantly less effort.

Love yourself enough to do the work.

Jill Thomas CCHT
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